06 Healing Song

My friend Dr. Larry Lesser has made a beautiful contribution to the genre of Jewish healing music with his “Healing Song.” The lyrics evoke the traditional Mi Shebeirachprayer, as well as the Vidui (“acknowledgment”) prayer.

Yai, di dai…

May it be Your will that we will heal
Completely whole, body and soul.
And may we hear Your love through the fear:
We understand we’re in Your hands.

May we have our share of future life,
And may this prayer bring more light.

Not me alone, y’hi ratzon…
May it be Your will that we heal.

Lyrics and Music (c) 2004, 2008 Lawrence M. Lesser (BMI), reprinted with permission.

Larry writes:

A songwriter can only hope to write a song that finds a way to serve and be embraced by entire communities and I feel blessed to be associated with the gifted and open-hearted souls who have made such a wonderful home for my creation, a home that transcends the boundaries of the city (El Paso) where it was written.  May this song offer consolation and inspiration for whatever type (and depth) of healing you may need.

I’ve had the privilege of introducing this song to other rabbis and cantors, proud to tell them that it comes from the pen and the heart of a member of my community, and there was no question that I would include it on “Openings.” I had recorded it with Scott Leader and Rabbi Lisa Tzur in 2010; Scott and I were able to use quite a bit of that earlier recording, adding bass and drums, and re-tracking some of the instrumental work, too. I’m particularly glad that we didn’t lose Lisa’s rich alto (especially that sweet counterpoint at 2:38!), and that she was able to be a part of the album despite no longer being in Phoenix to join us in the studio.

There are some great healing songs out there: Friedman, Sher, Levine, Klepper all come immediately to mind. I’d put Lesser right in the mix with any of them. This song deserves to be heard, and prayed, all over the Jewish world. Yasher Koach, Professor Lesser!

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  1. Really appreciate these kind words and am so grateful for the rich overlap in our musical and spiritual paths. Am honored to have “Healing Song” as the “center song” (do the math) of this CD and I hope my song provides centering and healing to the many listeners this fine CD deserves.

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